About us builds software for easy creation, maintenance, knowledge management, and community-building around content on the web and workflow in your team.

Our approach is to gain an honest understanding of functional and design requirements and the role a technology will play in a client's objectives and workflows. Then and only then we work collaboratively with clients and users to build a supportive software environment that facilitates successful workflows for tackling these objectives.

We understand that software tools can too easily become a burden, draining resources and directing its users' energy towards accommodating its demands.

To ensure that software supports our clients' needs, we believe it's best to start out with small applications that are each a tool for a job the client has, and then grow systems and add technology layers based on evolving needs and wants.

We draw upon collaboration, communication and understanding, and our own expertise to craft solutions from new and existing open source software for truly supportive technology infrastructures.

We use Python, adhere to web standards, are committed to free/open source software, and get excited about RESTful architectures to support the flow of information from one small purposeful application to the next.

Things we do


CoActivate provides free, open source knowledge management, communication and collaboration tools for small-scale community organizing and loosely forming groups. We host the site, administer its servers, maintain the software and work with users to identify new features to build.


OpenCore is "SourceForge for community organizing" -- a common baseline of collaborative tools to help groups work collectively, including collaborative spaces with wikis, mailing lists, and team & role management tools. We actively maintain and develop the OpenCore software project, which powers the website as well as several others.


Deliverance composes websites by stitching together HTML pages over HTTP. It encourages easier content maintenance through separation of theme and content, and enables best-of-breed software reuse by applying skins and themes to your favorite web applications. We maintain and develop Deliverance for the community, and make releases.


Xinha is a community-driven HTML WYSIWYG editor written in Javascript. We have core commit access on the Xinha project, where we add new features and fix bugs; and we build and release plugins.


Flunc is a functional test suite runner for web applications // web scripting environment, using twill. We contribute to Flunc, and make releases.

Django packages

In the course of working for our clients we have written some Django packages:
We also have contributed upstream patches to the Django core codebase.


The Sven project provides a document-oriented database API centered around the fundamental concepts of a globally-versioned (SVN-model) filesystem: read, write, index, history. Svenweb is a wiki environment built on Sven and Django.

Web Games and Exploratory Tools

We also build some games and undirected exploratory interfaces. Because they're fun (and we think they can be good teaching tools)

Some other software we work on